Boyett Glass Bars

This video shows how superbly the Boyett Glass Bar performs slants, harmonics, hammerons and pulloffs.

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Lead filled Glass Bar - Lots of Sustain!

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Bobbe Seymour -
By the way, I'm personally using the one you sent and LOVE IT!!!!!!!   When I die, they are going to have to pry it out of my tightly clenched fist!  I'll try to "take it with me!"
  Yes Gary, I do really love it!
 Your buddy,  
Big John Bechtel -
They are indeed very smooth and the sustain surpasses other brands of Tone~Bars.
Chris Kennison -
I have one of the new lead filled bars from Gary and co. and it's wonderful. They have a winner here. Very Smooooooth.

Rick Alexander -
 I just got this one today - it's the perfect size!
Killer Sustain and Ultra Smooth Action -
And so photogenic . .
Gary Brandin -
I got one (5/8 x 3 1/4) and it is very smooth
on the strings, and sounds great! As Rick said, it's easy to hold on to. I wish these
guys much success!


Don Burrows -
Received my 1" glass-lead filled bar yesterday and I love it. Just the right weight and has lots more sustain than the steel bar I was using. Thanks Gary and Jeff for an excellent product.

Don Burrows
Builder of BSG Steel Guitars

Bob Brozman
Congratulations for a great sounding bar! It sounds wonderful on my 22- string Chaturangui, (Hindustani Slide Guitar).
Jozef Smith
I bought one of your lead filled glass bars from Bobbe and I love it. Had to get use to it first but after a while I prefer yours over the other bars I have been using. It stays in my hand and it has a lot better sustain than the metal ones. I am using it on my PSG and lap steels.
Keep on blowing those bars.
Westminster, CA
Byron Walcher
Hi Gary, I got the bar on Fri. and played it all weekend. I initially wanted a 1" and you said that you could only make 15/16". My measurements say that this is 1 inch and the length is exactly what I wanted. I have to tell you that the tone is unbelievable, I have always played a standard size bar so the play is a little bit of a strain on my hand but I'm gettting used to it. Pulloffs and hammerons much less bar chatter, and the sound, like I said, is just beautiful, it makes no noise on the strings at all. I'm going to start a thread on the forum about this as I think a lot of guys would want one if they knew about them. It looks great too. Tell Jeff that I really like it and thanks a lot to you both,
Best Regards,

Pretty Colors !

Big Steel